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EasyScrape - Scrape webpage content with 1-click | Product Hunt

TIP : To scrape several links at once, upload a single text file containing links. Every link is written on a separate line.

How to Use


EasyScrape helps you scrapes articles from any website. It's easy to use and free. You just need to insert url or a file containing the multiple urls or just the keyword (It will search for you and gather links! ) and it will scrape them, giving you just the text of the articles. We made this tool to help you in your research, homework and projects.

How is this helpful

EasyScrape is helpful for all who want to gather text content for there research, suppose you need multiple articles for your research, previously you need to go to every url, copy your text from the website, then paste it into the text file, so it was really hard to gather all the text content if there were 100's of url's. Now, EasyScrape helps you to gather all the text content from the website, you just need to paste the keyword or the url list and it will automatically scrape the articles and download them.

Who can used it?

If you want to scrape text content from any url or list of url's, easyscrape is for you. From students to market researchers, you can use it for your research. Or if you just want to read article from any url and don't want to see any clutter, you can use it too.

Some url's are not getting scrapped ?

Sorry for inconvience, but we are still working on it. Some websites are difficult to scrape, and for some websites, our scraper is not able to scrape the content. But as we will develop further we will definetly find some solutions to this problem. In meantime you can make us aware of those url's by filling the feedback below.

Will it work for url's that are not in public domain ?

No, anything which is not made public can't be scraped by us. The content is property of their respective owners.

How can we contact you ?

Email : algrowdigi@gmail.com

Twitter : algrow_digital

We would like to hear to hear from you 😀

The website is under Maintainance!

Website will launch new version with the New-Year.

Thank-You for becoming part of EasyScrape 💜